CLASSIC Costa Rica Aquiares Estate Marsellesa & Obata

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Quality score: 85
Taste notes: Milk chocolate, macademia nuts, white grape
Farm info: Aquiares estate, Turrialba
Varietal: Marsellesa and Obata
Process: Washed

This lot was produced by Don Alfonso Robelo. The farm manages the entire coffee production chain, from seedling production to plant cultivation, harvesting and milling. Aquiares Estate collaborates greatly with World Coffee Research and the Costa Rican Coffee Institute in experimenting new varietals in order to face climate change. This coffee is a result of two hybrid varietals offering
pest resistant plants that produce a high quality cup.

We enjoy this versatile coffee as espresso, a flat white, an aeropress brew and cafetiere. It has the complexity, body and balance to taste good no matter how you brew it.