CLASSIC Colombia Caldono sugar cane process decaffeinated

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Taste Notes: Milk chocolate, brazil nut, dried plums

Quality Score: 85

Farm Info: Various smallholders contribute to this regional lot

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Process: Washed process with natural ethyl acetate decaffeination (sugar cane process)

Altitude: 1200 -2000 masl

We have always thought of decaf drinkers as true coffee lovers. People who enjoy coffee for its quality, not just its physiological effects. Our decaffeinated coffee needs to be as special and enticing as all of our coffees so we put as much care into sourcing, profiling, roasting and brewing our decafs, as we do our regular coffees. 

This lot, from the Cauca region of Colombia is produced by small holder farmers and was selected for decaffeination. The process is done in Colombia, where a solution called ethyl acetate, often a by-product of sugar cane production, facilitates the removal of caffeine. 

Relax and enjoy this coffee at anytime of the day.