Colombia Finca Veracruz extended cold fermentation coffee

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Taste Notes: Strawberry, chocolate, melon
Quality Score: 87
Farm Info: Finca Veracruz, Santa Barbara Estates, Fredonia, Antioquia
Varietal: Colombia, Caturra
Process: Washed, extended fermentation
Altitude: 1650 masl
The Echavarria Family who are behind this coffee are experimenting with processing methods to get the most out of the coffees they have on an estate that lies between three different towns and encompasses a lot of different soil types and microclimates.
Each Veracruz lot is comprised of five days’ picking. Each day, pulped beans are added to a fermentation tank with the previous days’ pickings. In this method of ‘extended’ fermentation, each consecutive batch raises the ph level of the fermentation tank, permitting longer fermentation times without the acetic acid produced by bacteria at a lower ph level. In this way, the producer is able to maintain the correct ph level and avoid very low ph levels during processing that can lead to over-fermentation. In addition to giving more control over ph levels this also gives more control over yeast and bacterial activity. This coffee is ‘cold fermented’ - where the water is held at 18°C rather than rising to the more traditional 25/26°C to better manage the process.